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Swerve Games

An independent British studio that creates free-flowing sports games with intuitive controls and a rewarding learning curve.

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Games of Skill

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Design PRinciples

Every Swerve game adheres to the following guiding principles. They keep us focussed on our goal and differentiate us from the competition.

Two sticks and two triggers

The controls should always be simple and intuitive enough that they can be picked up in seconds. No special move combos to memorise!

Games of skill

The action of your hands should have a direct effect in game. No outcome should be a product of player stats or randomness. When you score, you’ve earnt it.

Elegant movement

The beauty of sport is in its dynamics: the curve of a ball, the sweep of a racer round the track, the pose of the human body. We make physics part of the gameplay and accentuate the elegance of the player’s actions.

Fun over fidelity

Simulate the sport where possible, but gameplay design should always be guided by what’s most fun, not what’s most realistic.

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